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JellyFiSSH: secure shell the easy way

Mat Lu

JellyFiSHH is a cool little bookmark manager for automating connections to remote servers over telnet, SSH 1 or 2. SHH (or Secure SHell) is an important tool for creating secure connections across the Internet to a remote machine. By default this just gives you shell access (i.e. terminal access) to the remote server. Of course you can do all kinds of things with shell access, but one really cool thing about SSH is that you can also create secure tunnels to the remote computer through which you can run other applications, such as Chicken of the VNC for remote desktop access. By default, VNC connections are not secure, so that means things like passwords, etc. could potentially be intercepted. By going through a SSH tunnel, the VNC connection will be encrypted in the same way that regular SSH terminal access is secure. One of the great things about JellyFiSHH is that it will automate the creation of the tunnels by generating the appropriate terminal commands to create the tunnel based on settings you enter into its GUI (as above). As it happens, the guys over at FreeMacBlog have a great video tutorial up that shows you exactly how to set up a secure VNC connection with JellyFiSHH.

JellyFiSHH is a free download from

[Via FreeMacWare]

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