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Super Paper Mario breaks 3rd dimension, fourth wall

MTV News sat back down with Nate Bihldorff, writer for Nintendo of America's Treehouse localization team, to talk about some of the more off-beat inclusions in Intelligent Systems' latest, Super Paper Mario, which he cowrote with Erik Peterson. The game not only breaks down the barrier between the second and third dimensions (that's kind of its whole shtick, really) but it playfully breaks down the fourth wall as well, self-referentially addressing its own video game-iness with in-jokes about games and game culture (see above).

One joke that didn't come across so well was the DS Lite-shaped oven which appeared to promise DS connectivity. Bihldorff was contrite: "We were actually bummed out when we saw that reaction online ... We should have rewritten that line." With lines like "The mustard of your doom!" under his belt, we imagine there's plenty of redeeming lines in Super Paper Mario to make up for it.

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