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Today in Joystiq: April 17, 2007

Ross Miller

The Heck 360, in both its first and second terms. With mk1 being released in September, it's amazing what difference 7 months (and various other hardware mods) can do. While you congratulate Ben Heck on having a great job, check out the highlights for today:

Readers pick best webcomic: brain fart
Today's most umbrella-worthy video: Pokéballs!

Casual gaming girl power; overall boys rule console market
Midnight launches for Lord of the Rings Online
Halo 2 'Blastacular' maps now available for $4
Vince Young tapped for Madden '08 cover
Former EA devs start Jet Black, new Nintendo-focused studio
Trash talk with the Aqua Teens over XBLA Uno next Tuesday

Super Paper Mario breaks 3rd dimension, fourth wall
Game publishers threatened by user-generated content
LOST video game confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
Final Fantasy I & II remakes hit PSP late June & late July
Games shoehorned onto a digital camera
Halo: Uprising #1 spotted in Marvel solicitation
Pricey Daily Show, Colbert Report now on XBLM
Stringer: Euro PlayStation 3 approaching 800,000 sold
BBFC publishes research on gamer demographics, perception
Mizuguchi working on Al Gore environmentalism project
RedOctane promises new Guitar Hero every year
Dyack breaks Too Human silence, talks four player co-op

Rumors & Speculation
SCEE may lay off 10 percent of staff

Culture & Community
Mega64 parodies GRAW 2, border security
Engadget unveils Ben Heck's Xbox 360 Laptop mk2
Times Online offers 'Wii warm-ups' before gaming
Produce a TV show for Xbox Live, get $100K distribution deal
Are game system web surfers an untapped market?

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