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Blaupunkt's Velocity 2Go boombox is car-mountable

Darren Murph

Although it has been quite some time since Blaupunkt made any substantial noise in the CE biz, the audio outfit is back in full force with the forthcoming Velocity 2Go lineup. The flashy (albeit ill-favored) boombox sports a carry-handle design for those throwback moments of atop-the-shoulder sidewalk strutting, and also features a car-docking solution with the bundled straps or QuickOut mounting kit. Specs wise, the unit operates on rechargeable AA cells, touts a "die-cast aluminum" enclosure, and sports 3.5-millimeter / RCA input jacks to play nice with just about any external audio source in the book. Dubbed the "world's first mobile active speaker system," the device also rocks a built-in active subwoofer to fill in the lows, and while the Velocity2Go 5 (£249.99; $499) will get things rockin' with 80-watts of RMS power, the Velocity2Go 6 (£299.99; $599) purportedly ups the volume by four decibels in case you can tell the difference. Click on through for a shot of the rear.

[Via CNET]

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