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Firmware 1.70 is available for your downloadationism

Nick Doerr

We're not sure if you can really engage in downloadationism, but without the downloadation, there is no -ism to -ation and there cannot, nay, shall not, be any PS3 firmware version 1.70 for you. You may be wondering what has changed in this surprise update -- we were, too. Luckily one of our tipsters saved us the research and let us know directly.

  • You can now download the PlayStation software from the PS-Store and play them directly on the PS3, if you don't have a PSP.
  • You can use saved data for the PlayStation software on the PSP (so, saves from the PS3 transfer over to the PSP?)
  • You can use the vibration function of accessories that are for use with PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format software.

This addresses two very big issues many people have had with the PlayStation Network and the PS3 as a whole -- downloading the PS-Classics and being able to play them on the PS3 and utilizing that old school vibration. So, if you've got a USB connector for the Dual Shock 2, let us know if it works. Because I'm too poor to go get a USB connector and would probably not be able to find one.

[Thanks, sullyj!]

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