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It's a mini paper Xbox 360 with a HD DVD drive

Dustin Burg

Over at Paper Art Gadgets Junyang posted a sexy miniature paper model of an Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive. Junyang creates 3D paper models of various electronics, completing each from the design process through folding the creation with his own hands. The Xbox 360 paper model comes complete with a Premium box and a DVD tray that pops out. He also created the HD DVD player add-on which measures only 1.5" long and also features a disc tray. And for those of you who want to create a paper 360 for your own, you'll have to be semi-resourceful, because Paper Art Gadgets doesn't supply all their print outs or instructions. But you may be able to create something with this.

Two mini Xbox 360 masterpieces made out of paper. We're so in love. Though, we'd like to see a paper power brick included, so we could fire this bad boy up. Paper power brick ... that's just funny.

[Thanks, laserboyjc]

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