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Jabra and Klipsch team up on S5010 cellphone speaker station

Darren Murph

Just as Klipsch is no stranger to the world of musical docking stations, Jabra tends to enjoy slapping its name onto anything it can. Unsurprisingly, the two lovebirds have met in harmony to offer up the S5010 cellphone boombox, which sports an edgy, stylish design, weighs in at a very portable 3.7-pounds, and should handle just about any handset, DAP, or external music source you desire to pair up with it. The system touts a "universal" connectivity panel that consists of 2.5- and 3.5-millimeter inputs as well as a mini-USB connector, 30-watts of power split between the stereo drivers, a Class D amplifier, and "subtle" LED indicators littering the case. Curiously, you won't find any Bluetooth love on this one, which certainly stands out given Jabra's long-standing relationship with the short-range wireless protocol, but if you still find yourself lusting over the fairly average S5010, you can snap it up real soon for $149.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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