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Joystiq plays new Halo 2 maps, breaks heart


A few simple rules to live by:

1. Try not to eat too much salt and fried foods.
2. Be excellent to each other.
3. Never break a date.

Now, somebody over at Joystiq clearly missed lesson three. It's possible that some of you have read their dubious impressions of the new Halo 2 maps. Some of you may even have found them informative or (gasp!) helpful. Rest assured, all your assumptions concerning Joystiq's impressions of the maps are false. Why? Because we weren't there. That's right, the resident Xbox 360 Fanboys of the Joystiq network were not in on the fun. Oh, sure, we were supposed to be, but somewhere along the line, common courtesy and group planning went out the window. We're not bitter or anything though. Oh, no. We really enjoyed sitting there for an hour, pwning noobs (mostly) for a few games in the rancid cesspool known as Rumble Pit (where the new maps aren't available yet, by the way). No, we're not bitter. We're just hurt. In fact, we should probably just be alone. Hurry up, hit the "read" link and read Joystiq's impressions. Just go ... everybody else does.

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