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Mr. Stormrage's Worst-Dressed List, 2007


Tier 6 is out and about on the forums, so it's time for everyone to do their best Joan Rivers imitations (especially the undead, who are halfway there already) and critique the sets. Boubouille has been nice enough to link us to all the Tier 6 skins in his massive 2.1.0 info collection, so I'll be using his skins as the basis for the criticism. Ready to get bitchy? Let's go!

Druid: So we've got the deer helm, the moose helm, and now the nonspecific glowy bird helm.Okay, dr00d sets are not known for being pretty. Earth tones mixed with bright colors rarely please the eye, although the Tier 5 shoulders were admittedly awesome. That being said, it looks like Blizzard ran out of money and thought "Hey, we already designed an epic flying form for druids. Why don't we just turn that into armor?" B

Hunter: Honestly, this looks a lot better than I previously thought. It's more red than brown and the glowing gronn eyes are a nice touch. I do find the helmet kind of unnerving though -- perhaps it's to watch out in case the hunter falls asleep during a raid? Although we don't seem to be facing any gronns in the Black Temple itself ... maybe it should have been Demon Hunter Stalker. C-

Mage: I swear that mages have actually had the same armor for all of their sets, except for the totally awesome Tier 5. Blue and purple? Check. Ridiculous looking head and shoulders? Check. Something that makes every male caster except for undead and gnomes look silly? Check. On the plus side, the headpiece appears to be the top of the central tower in Shattrath City, so maybe it's meant to remind you where you have to go to check the AH. D+

Paladin: BLADES OF LIGHT! But seriously, I kind of like this one. Admittedly, nothing is ever going to live up to how cool Judgement was, but this has some neat design ideas. I like the shoulders in concept, although I'm not sure what exactly they're supposed to be. A visual representation of the Light? The crown is pretty cool too, and I like how it's not all the same color like their Tier 5. As a side note, none of these character have boots for some reason, which I support. If trolls have to go barefoot, the rest of you damn well better get used to it. B

Priest: Ooh, pretty. The shoulderpads are possibly the neatest shoulders I've seen in-game so far. The dark, somber and slightly technological look of the robes really set it off from the other priest sets. It also works well for both holy and shadow priests, which is rare. The cowl could have been cooler-looking though. A-

Rogue: Eh, someone left the top off the Generic Rogue Set toybox again. Red, blue, black and spiky seem to be the only choices available for the backstabbing class. It also really reminds me of the Tier 1 warrior set in the headpiece and shoulder department. If those were made a little less bulky, it could be a very nice set. C+

Shaman: Who do the shamans bribe to get such cool sets? Their Tier 3 and Tier 5 were made from pure graphic win, and this is also a beautiful outfit. Like the priest set, it has a nice technological feel that goes along well with some of the themes of the Burning Crusade. The only thing keeping this from being absolutely great is the knowledge that nothing can top shammy Tier 5. A

Warlocks: While we're on the subject of bribing the devs, hi warlocks! Everything about this set is awesome, including the wings that sprout from the back briefly when the helmet is attached, but ... yeah, the helmet. I can see how it looked good in preliminary drawings, but like the rogue Tier 5 helm, it looks more as if it belongs on Saturday morning cartoons than in WoW. The dress and shoulderpads are very pretty, though. Perfect for a night out on the town or a night deathcoiling people in AB. B+

Warriors: That neckpiece is definitely an accident waiting to happen. There's some sort of rule that all the warrior sets (except Tier 3) have to be able to decapitate their wearer or his allies. Other than that ... meh. Brown and unremarkable, which I guess fits the warrior -- they're more designed for utility than flashiness. C

What do you think about Tier 6?

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