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RedOctane not taking Rock Band route


RedOctane and Harmonix are going full steam ahead to best each other in the rhythm game genre. The former allies are now locked in a Cold War with their new parent companies in a rhythm game arms race. Speaking with Eurogamer about future non-Guitar Hero projects, which have not been announced, RedOctane co-founder Kai Huang said, "We're definitely looking and evaluating and have been evaluating all types of different instrument-based games, and drum is certainly one of the ones that we've been looking at ... We haven't made any announcements yet about what we're going to do and when we're going to release a game, but fans can rest assured we're definitely looking at all of those types of games."

Huang says the beauty of Guitar Hero is its simplicity. It looks like we're starting to see a clear divide showing between RedOctane and Harmonix. RedOctane will continue down the simple and proven route, while Harmonix is going for something bigger -- much bigger. There's still a lot of debate about which company is on the right path. It'll certainly be interesting to watch these two keep on rockin' down different roads and see who can make it work.

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