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SEGA bringing Marvel's Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to games

Steven Bailey

Superhero games are nothing new, but like comic movies, the games seem to be of a higher quality lately. With that in mind, SEGA has announced a deal with Marvel to bring games featuring their beloved characters to PC, next-gen consoles and handhelds. But what can I say that SEGA PR can't say better? Here's what SEGA US president Simon Jeffery said:

"As SEGA continues to create more games that are built from the ground up to appeal to Western audiences it makes perfect sense to work with a powerhouse company like Marvel that has established and beloved characters like The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. These are icons that people are already familiar with and love, so our goal is to give gamers the ability to play out their fantasies by actually becoming these Super Heroes."

I think I'm personally looking forward to a Thor game the most, if for only because he hasn't hit the gaming space quite as often as the other heroes. How about you? Which of these Marvel characters would you most like to play with on your PSP?

[Via IGN]

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