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Useless FM radio attachment for the DS

Kyle Orland

Note to peripheral manufacturers: Being able to attach a device to a video game system doesn't make it inherently better than similar existing products. Case in point: this DS FM radio attachment. Sure, it's kind of cool that this radio draws power from the DS' rechargeable battery. But when you can get a cheapo portable radio for a little more than a buck, it seems silly to spend $14 on a portable radio that takes up your DS' Game Boy Advance slot and doesn't even get AM stations.

This unit doesn't even use the DS' features for touch screen control or nifty music visualizer or something -- it's just a radio that happens to stick out the bottom of your DS. Are people really clamoring for portable radios so much that this product needs to exist? Or are the manufacturers just hoping that a small sliver of the massive DS user base will be dumb enough to buy any attachment available?

[Via Gizmodo]

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