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DirecTV 1 - Time Warner Cable 1

Matt Burns

You know those DirecTV ads featuring Doc Brown from the Back to the Future films that state DirecTV will soon have three times as many HD stations as cable. (if not, countinue through for the video) Time Warner Cable didn't like the last statement of the commercial spot so much so, that the cable operator took DirecTV to court - again. This is the second time Time Warner has turned to the legal system over a DirecTV ad. The first was for a DirecTV commercial claiming that their HD signal was better then cables - DirecTV was ordered to stop those ads in Time Warner markets. This time though, it didn't turn out the way Time Warner wanted as the judge ruled in favor of DirecTV thanks to the word "soon." Despite claims that cable systems can soon carry 200 HD stations, Time Warner didn't provide the court with enough data showing satellite couldn't, in theory, provide more HD stations "soon." Time will only tell if DirecTV will hold true in their claim of 100 HD stations by year end though and truth be told, that's all we care about.

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