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Dopod to release the HTC Cavalier as Dopod C730 in May?


Dopod is apparently set to bust out the follow up to its 3G-lacking little brother, the C720W (also known as the HTC Excalibur) with the Dopod C730. Based on the HTC reference Cavalier, it's touted as being loaded with Windows Mobile 6, a 400MHz Samsung CPU, Bluetooth, WiFi, quad band GSM / GPRS / EDGE, and UMTS / HSDPA (no word on frequencies here, but we hope for US varieties). This will be a decent upgrade for those of you enjoying the T-Mobile Dash or other Cavalier device -- and with virtually no size or weight difference, your pocket / belt holster will grin as well. No pricing info yet, but you can look for this to hit sometime in May.

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