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    Hitachi's 1TB 7K1000 hard drive gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    You've seen it announced and in the wild, and you've probably been wondering if the $400 or so required to procure the 1TB beast was indeed worth it. Thankfully, TomsHardware has the guidance you've been yearning for, as it opened up its test bench and welcomed Hitachi's 7K1000 with open arms. The 935.5GB of usable space brought smiles to all involved, provided the highest transfer rate of all 7,200RPM drives that it was benchmarked against, and it was even said to "outperform the Seagate Barracuda 7200.10." Truthfully, it was difficult to find any negatives on the behemoth in terms of sheer performance aside from its (forgivable) inability to keep up with the 10,000RPM WD Raptor and its toasty nature, but the reality set in when the review crew began to evaluate the value presented in such a dense, albeit expensive, HDD. Frankly, reviewers claimed that picking this drive up over a pair of cheaper 500GB drives "wouldn't make a lot of sense," but if you're in dire need of cramming 1TB of, um, PowerPoint presentations onto a single unit, it's far from a bad option.

    [Via DigitalMediaThoughts]

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