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Hori gives you easy alternative to Xbox 360 laptop

Darren Murph

Unfortunately for Hori, the forthcoming 12.1-inch Monitor EX just pales in comparison to the barrage of real Xbox 360 laptops from Ben Heckendorn, but just in case your DIY skills (or lack of funding) is barring you from acquiring such genuine products, we suppose this will do. Similar to the unsightly screens that have already been made available for other consoles, this version does manage to up the ante by cramming more screen real estate between the bezel, handling 720p content, and accepting signal via VGA. Furthermore, you'll find built-in stereo speakers beneath the display in case you're not keen on using headphones, and you should be fully prepared to locate another AC outlet just for this sucka. Reportedly, Japanese users can look for a ¥36,750 ($308) pricetag when it lands in July, but unless plans change and a darker hue is announced, this will probably look fairly awkward when paired with the Xbox 360 Elite.

[Thanks, Steve]

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