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How to contact WoW Insider

Barb Dybwad

There are many ways to contact us here at WoW Insider -- whether you want to send us a news tip or submit to one of our regular features, here's a breakdown of how to get in touch with us for your reference.


  • Got news? Send us a tip -- if it's newsworthy and we haven't already published it, we'll cover it.

Contact us

  • Need to contact one of our writers? Something to say that's not a news tip? Contact us.
  • Notice a bug or problem with the website? Send us a problem ticket.


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Have a screenshot of one of the many funny NPC names (or guild, or player) from around Azeroth and Outland? Send it to funnynames AT wowinsider DOT com and we'll add it to our funny names gallery.

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