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Lost Garden's game design challenge supplies the graphics, you supply the game


Being a talented programmer and an accomplished artist can be two separate skills. Just because you can string lines of code together doesn't mean you can make pretty pictures people want to look at while playing your game. Enter Danc of Lost Garden and his new design challenge that gives you everything you need to make a game -- except the programming muscle.

Danc provides the graphics, including character sprites, items, and backgrounds. He also has a gameplay outline that is constantly being refined. The game, SpaceCute, should be a single player golf title with a strong focus on physics. Because programmers don't have to be concerned with graphics or basic gameplay mechanics, they're free to experiment and make the game as crazy as their imaginations can conjure.

The challenge is well underway (a few prototypes have already been released), but if you've got the skills and the game idea sparks your interest, it's never too late to jump in.

[Via Independent Gaming]

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