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Minox drops 10.1 megapixel update to the DC8122, the DC1022

Nilay Patel

While it's not like Minox has exactly cracked the upper echelon of camera brands, the German company has been pumping out solid shooters for a while now (and some, well, not-so-solid). The DC1022, announced today, is based on the well-received DC8122, and retains most of the same basic specs while updating the CCD to 10.1 megapixels and reducing the thickness to an even 1-inch. Other than that, you're basically looking at the 8122: 2.8-inch LCD, 6x optical zoom, 0.8-inch macro ability, digital image stabilization, VGA video, and 32MB of built-in memory, along with the obligatory SD slot. No info on pricing or expected availability, but we've ended every other Minox post with a prediction of "cheap" and we haven't been wrong yet.

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