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Next portable Worms playable online

Justin McElroy

We do not know when, but there will come a day. And on this day, you will see millions of digital worms flying through the air, rocketing at the speed of information through the walls of your home. Do not be alarmed! You are not having coke-and-alcohol-fueled hallucination. (Note to Christian Slater: You are.) For the rest of you, this sight will herald the release of Worms: Open Warfare 2 on the DS and PSP, which THQ has announced will feature online multiplayer.

The company has dropped a handful of details about the next iteration of the venerable annelidic series, including new modes like Rope Race and the Firing Range. There's also some new weapons like the intriguingly named Buffalo of Lies and Holy Hand Grenades. (Three-decade old Monty Python gags FTW!) More good news: It's going to be 2D. Still not enough for you? Check out the video, if you have a strong stomach for flying digi-worms.

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