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No video games found in VT shooter's dorm


Video games were one of the first things blamed for the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. Dr. Phil and a certain Floridiot lawyer were two of the loudest voices, while an article in the online version of the Washing Post briefly mentioned Cho was a Counter-Strike player in high school. Not a big deal in our eyes, but to the general public if Cho even looked at a video game, it's case-closed.

After police searched Cho's dorm room, however, it seems he didn't own any video games at all. No murder simulators or gun training programs, not even a copy of Tetris. If video games didn't teach him these skills, where did they come from?! Oh noes!

We've posted our feelings about violent video games. Hopefully this lack of evidence will silence the anti-gaming pundits for a while.

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