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The Blu-ray fans plan a counter attack

Ben Drawbaugh

Recently HD DVD retook the lead from Blu-ray according to the Amazon rankings, because of the very well organized "buy day" by HD DVD fans in celebration of the one year anniversary of HD DVD. Well the Blu-ray fans aren't going to take this lying down and have planned their own "buy day". While the charts are dead even as of today, we will see if the Blu-ray camp has the same level of grass roots support that the HD DVD camps has on April 21st. This is the day some members of the PS3forums have decided to all buy Blu-ray movies from Amazon to show their support. While we're not sure how much of an effect this will have on the overall outcome of the format war, it certainly is fun to watch and for all the HD DVD fans who wish we didn't write this post, let us know in advanced next time will ya?

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