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120 GB hard drive snagged for $99


If the Xbox 360 has one consistent complaint, it is undoubtedly the cost of its peripherals. In particular, the price of its hard drive has been the most difficult to stomach. $99 dollars for 20 gigabytes seems positively ludicrous in today's world of cheap storage. The new 120GB hard drive isn't much better, clocking in at $179. Microsoft has defended the pricing structure, saying that they demand very strict specifications from manufacturers (things like drive speed, security, etc.), but it's hard to believe it couldn't be had for less.

Enter one lucky 360 fanboy by the name of Scooter. Scooter spotted a 120GB hard drive at his local Wal-Mart. Looking closer, the drive was priced at a cool $99.88. Seizing upon the opportunity, he asked a clerk to open up the case and ring it up. Of course, once the item was scanned, it came up as $172. After a quick interchange with customer service, it's revealed that Wal-Mart store policy requires that items be sold for the price at which they are marked (even if the price is incorrect). So, he walks out with a 120GB drive for a full $80 less than retail price.

Granted, we're sure the display price was corrected immediately following the sale, but it's nice to hear that at least one fanboy managed to stick it to the man. Our advice: scour your area Wal-Marts for mislabeled hard drives. You might end up with a killer deal. Follow the "read" link for photographic proof of the $99 120GB HDD.

[Thanks, Scooter]

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