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BenQ's (minor) upgrade to the DC C1000, the ten megapixel C1050

Nilay Patel

Continuing on with the minor camera updates today, it looks like BenQ is readying the replacement to the C1000, the C1050. They've bumped the screen on the 10.1 megapixel shooter to 2.5-inches (a whopping .1-inch up from the C1000) and the optical zoom to 5x (up from 3x), and dropped the internal memory down to 9MB from 24MB for some reason, but other than that, this is basically the C1000 all over again, all five ounces of it. No official product shot yet, so here's a photo of the C1000 -- unless BenQ's decided to get crazy on us, we'll bet the C1050 looks just like it. Jeez, people, haven't you heard of silent upgrades?

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