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Kodak 1881 concept cam takes discreet snaps, is not discreet

Nilay Patel

Apparently designed so Flava Flav could secretly record his travels back in time, the "1881" concept designer Lindsey Pickett showed at a recent Kodak design exhibition is a bold new entry in the uber-competitive non-existent camera / locket space.The foldable cam takes snaps just by squeezing the case, or you can crack it open and line things up on the dual LCD screens. Pickett also tried to capture some of that old-school photo locket vibe by setting those the screens to auto-play the internal memory when opened, which'll keep you entertained during the frequent rest breaks you'll have to take while lugging this thing around on your neck. No specs to be had, since the 1881 is just a concept, but first Kodak and Pickett need to figure out how to build a camera smaller than a manhole cover.

[Via Techie Diva]

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