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Logitech and Nintendo to play nice, peripherals incoming


With the incredible success of the Wii, many companies are shifting their focus to capitalize on the system's popularity. Companies such as Ubisoft, EA and now Logitech, are shifting their focus to Nintendo's latest console, offering more unique products for that console than they would the competition. Ubisoft and EA are bringing the games, but what about some nice peripheral action?

That's where Logitech comes in, as they have revealed they've got some stuff in the works for the Wii. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we know what you guys want: USB keyboard, right? We'd love one too, so let's hope that Logitech, who is wide known for some of the best wireless keyboards and mice in the PC game, can at least hook it up with a USB keyboard.

We'd say wireless for the Wii, but that might be asking too much ...

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