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One Mac hack bounty claimed, one to go


No sooner said... the first half of the CanSecWest MacBook Pro hack challenge has been won, with an exploit that uses a malicious webpage to gain a user-level shell via Safari. The second challenge, requiring root access on the target machine, has yet to be won (and requires the use of a different exploit). As far as we know right now, this is a zero-day exploit without a known patch. (Grrr.)

It's worth mentioning the elephant in the room for this contest: where was the $10,000 bounty for a similar takeover of a Windows XP or Vista stock patched configuration? It wouldn't have taken a day, that much is certain.

More news as it comes... thanks to our vigilant commenters for the link.

graphic: Sebastiaan de With

[via Matasano]

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