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Pantech C810 in the FCC's loving embrace

Chris Ziegler

We're not sure exactly what it is that sparked AT&T's newfound love affair with Pantech, but let's be honest, it works out well for everyone involved: AT&T gets to stock its shelves with a wealth of decent quality, inexpensive handsets (some of which are 3G), and Pantech gets a paycheck and a much-needed boost in its American presence. We've nothing to support our theory that this new C810 is headed to AT&T other than the fact that its model number begins with "C" -- indicative of a Cingular / AT&T launch for every model thus far -- so we're sticking with it until we get word to the contrary. Oh, there's the little fact that it's a WCDMA 850 / 1900 phone, too. Care to shed any light on the sitch, Pantech?

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