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Space Giraffe is done, now with more graphs!


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, Space Giraffe is finished. Space Giraffe, the super hippy trippy shooter experience from Jeff Minter, is now complete. Not only that, but on his personal blog he reveals one of the last features to be implemented into the game. The feature is fairly simple actually: a graph to chart your progress throughout the levels. The green line represents your recorded high scores for a given level, the yellow line represents what the game considers a "good" score, and the orange bit at the bottom represents the score you just accrued. So, according to this graph of Level 8, the overall score is below a "good" score, and well below the highest recorded score. The graph can also be manipulated to show multiple levels. Overall, it's a handy feature for those looking to improve themselves.

So there you have it, Space Giraffe is done. Now all we need is a release date.

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