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Today's strummiest video: Wii remote strumming interface

Kevin Kelly

It's a tranquil day, you're laying by the banks of a babbling brook, nearby some sort of livestock feeds, off in the distance come the gentle lulling sounds of buzzing insects, and then suddenly! Startling your reverie! Chasing away the imagination! Poking holes in your dreamtime! It's ... !

A dork with a guitar. "Here," he says "let me play you my rendition of "Are Young Going To Scarborough Faire?" Give us a break, where's Jon Belushi when you need him? (No, "He's dead. Did he drop any good loot?" jokes please).

Nowadays, with Guitar Hero and other rocking games, any man can be a thrashing monster of the metal. The Wii is playing 3rd place catchup in the sheer rockability arena, and this homebrew strumming interface and whatever Nintendo proper might be working on give us hope.

If only the song weren't so ... Ren Faire-ish.

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