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Alltel rolls out Samsung "Wafer" and "Snap"

Chris Ziegler

We recall (vaguely) a time when CDMA phones were notoriously clunky compared to their GSM brethren; they were thick, built like tanks, and frequently sported aerial antennas flying shamelessly beyond the hinge. Well, yeah, those days are long gone. Exhibit A: the Samsung SCH-r510 "Wafer" candybar, just introduced by Alltel, clocking in at a ridiculous 8.4 millimeters thick. For the record, that's a solid half millimeter thinner than the A727 being passed around at CES this year, a phone allegedly destined for AT&T that's still nowhere in sight. Besides EV-DO, features include a 1.3 megapixel cam and the soothing knowledge that your carrying the thinnest durned cellphone your Alltel dollars can buy. On the low end, the SCH-u340 "Snap" (known simply as the u340 on Verizon) keeps it simple, offering a monochrome external display and nothing more than 1xRTT to speed those bits along. Look for the Wafer for $70 after rebates and the Snap for $10 -- both on contract, obviously.

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