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Freakonomics and Wii at Best Buy tomorrow


The best-selling novel Freakonomics examined socioeconomic situations with bold statements and shocking revelations. Was it truthful? Depends on your perspective. Was it entertaining? You better believe it.

Now weighs in on the Wii shortage, making a list of five distinct points about the Nintendo Wii. They say Nintendo made a "colossal blunder" in manufacturing and note that "it is unclear if [Nintendo] feel this shortage is a PR advantage or problem." With the lack of information from Nintendo about anything lately other than how fantastic they are, we're going to say Nintendo is quite happy with their profitable machines. From an economic perspective there isn't anything really negative that can be said. Socially there are the words that get fanboys frothing: gimmick, drought and Gamecube 2.0.

The debate will rage on whether the Wii is a fad or not, but the simple truth remains that people are still gobbling them up. Tomorrow, Best Buy flyers will have the Wii as in stock. The Best Buys we contacted said they'll have at least 20 available. So for those still Wii-less, wake up early tomorrow and head on over to Best Buy.

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