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Fujitsu wants WiMAX handsets to last longer

Brian White

Although WiMAX handsets have not made it out into the wild yet, Fujitsu wants to make sure those mobile WiMAX batteries don't die so quickly. To that end, the Japanese company has developed some tech to enhance the power transmission efficiency of upcoming WiMAX handset amplifiers. With WiMAX transmitters needing large amounts of power to transmit data, any gain in the power efficiency of amp design is going to be welcome, we suppose. Fujitsu claims a power output gain of one and a half times what normal transmission amps get now in mobile WiMAX-equipped handsets. WiMAX networks are probably hitting en masse in 2008 -- if not before -- and conveniently, that's the date Fujitsu has set to commercialize this new tech. Perfect timing, eh?

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