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Motorola announces L72 SLVR and Maxx V1110 clamshell


Motorola has plonked down two new cellphones in Taiwan today, although the usage of "new" is very much a stretch in this case. The L72 SLVR follows on from its L7 ancestor with the same 11.5mm "thinness," but brings HSDPA, a zoom and auto-focus free 2-megapixel camera, and some other standard features like an FM radio, a microSD card slot, and a silly buzzword technology called "CrystalTalk" which will apparently improve call quality. The Maxx V1110 (pictured) is an even more average update on the Vodafone exclusive V1110 minus 10 (aka, the V1100). As such, the lack of branding on the photos plus the identical specs -- HSDPA, 1.3-megapixel camera -- suggests that this is just a general release free of its operator exclusivity shackles. Not that anyone will be scrambling to pick up cellphone tech, vintage 2006.

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