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Thompson receives 'Jacklash' in a week


It doesn't matter how many times he experiences failure or comes close to no longer being able to practice law -- there is always somebody willing to listen to Jack Thompson. No time was this more obvious than this week following the Virginia Tech massacre. Before the dead were counted, the shooter named or anyone could wrap their brain around what had just happened, Thompson was already on Fox News as a "school shooting expert" spouting theories, and Fox News let it slide without challenge.

The situation was exacerbated Tuesday when the Washington Post impulsively reported video game related information they later retracted. By mid-week information was starting to turn against Thompson and even Hardball's Chris Matthews wasn't buying what Thompson was selling anymore. By yesterday the "Jacklash" was in full effect, the boulder rolled down the hill again and Jack "Sisyphus" Thompson will have to start over again -- without the help of using Take Two as his punching bag.

In GamePolitics' recap of the week's events they have a quote from the International Game Developers Association's Jason Della Rocca, who says, "It's so sad. These massacre chasers -- they're worse than ambulance chasers -- they're waiting for these things to happen so they can jump on their soapbox." But as sure as the sun will rise and the moon will set, Jack Thompson is already rolling his boulder back up the hill, waiting for the next tragedy that he can blame on video games.

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