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Game Head goes to 42 Entertainment, pesters about Halo 3

Jared Rea

Is Geoff Keighley the only "real" gaming journalist? We're not actually qualified to say, but we do know this: he certainly is an astute young fellow. Instead of jocking up Bungie's crotch for any scrap of Halo 3 news, he went below the radar and to one of our secret crushes, 42 Entertainment.

The most recent episode of Game Head has Geoff inside the walls of the famed Alternate-Reality developer and goes over everything from The Beast, to Last Call Poker and up to 2004's breakout hit, I Love Bees. It's in the third segment that Geoff gets around to asking the inevitable question, "will 4orty2wo do it again?"

And for as much as we want to clasp our hands over our ears and shriek the theme song to Mr Belvedere, we can't help but listen. Ultimately, the answer is a "no comment" but with a wink and tip of the hat.

[Via Halo.Bungie.Org]

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