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Mod your 360 with an off-the-shelf 120GB HDD, save $100


If there was any doubt in your mind that Microsoft is absolutely soaking us on the $179 pricetag of its new 120GB HDD, all should be laid aside by the fact that you can now brew one up yourself for a mere $80 -- the cost of the drive. The hack is based on that seemingly-useless HDD swap TheSpecialist unveiled a few months ago, but that was back when 20GB was the max size allowed my Microsoft for use with the 360, meaning a 40GB drive was no more useful than a 20 gigger. Now that 120GB is all legit with the console, you can run through pretty much the same hack -- which involves dumping a few sectors off of an original 360 HDD and onto your new drive -- and get your full 120GB to play with. Currently the hack only works with a certain type of Western Digital hard drive, with hopefully more drives to come and a more automated process, but for now it still shouldn't take an incredible amount of know-how to follow TheSpecialist's instructions and get a bit of leg room for you Marketplace downloads on the cheap.

[Via Joystiq]

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