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New Wii-like phone unveiled, everyone ducks

Justin McElroy

Are we missing something here? Mitsubishi's new DoCoMo D904i model phone has a motion sensor inside it, allowing, according to Reuters, gaming like on the "popular Nintendo Wii console." We wish we could play Wii outdoors too, but never really hoped that the thing we were flailing around wildly could also be what we were watching the game on.

Actually, the actions look less pronounced than Wiimote movement on the DoCoMo site, though we're still not super crazy about waving our expensive phone around like it was on fire. This isn't the first time Mitsubishi is trying something like this though (see their DS-esque phone), so maybe they've thought of the possibility of their phone becoming an extremely dull shuriken. (If so, can you share a little of that non-slip love with Nintendo?)

There's no mention of whether the gadget will come to the U.S., but the Wii has garnered a few fans here, so maybe there's hope we could someday see DoCoMo injury lawsuits on our shores.

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