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Shiira 2.0 goes official

David Chartier

We've seen the betas for quite some time now, but Shiira v2.0 - the feature-packed open source browser based on the same WebKit that powers Apple's Safari - has gone official. As far as I can tell, the feature list hasn't changed wildly from beta into this full version, but check out some of the slick tricks Shiira has up its sleeve:
  • Tab Exposé (yep: Exposé comes to browser tabs)
  • Sharing bookmarks with Safari
  • Side drawer showing bookmarks and history
  • Search field with choice of search engine
  • Cache control panel
  • Window appearance switching (Aqua and Metal)
  • Enable/disable favicon with bookmark
  • Wheel button operation (open in new tab, and tab switching)
  • Auto-tab for bookmark folder
  • Displaying back-forward list on toolbar buttons
  • Search text field for bookmark and history
The feature list is far from over, however, so check out Shiira's official screenshot and features list for more details and even some movies of its features in action. Since Shiira is open source, it's available free from

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