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Super Toilet Seat Bros.

Eric Caoili

As far as we're concerned, Mario spends way too much time saving princesses, racing karts, and partying with minigames. Meanwhile, we've got leaky pipes, a shower with almost no water pressure, and no one around to fix them in sight. For a guy posing as a plumber, Mario doesn't devote much of his day to practicing his plumbing trade.

Extra Life's Scott Johnson, bathroom gamer extraordinaire, devised an evil stratagem to put the lazy plumber back to work. Drawing upon the power of ancient gods whose names were long forgotten before our sun even birthed its first flames, he set off a chain of inescapable events that left Mario's visage and eternal soul trapped on a toilet seat lid. What once was an ordinary lavatory now serves as his dark prison.

Scott captured the sorcery on video, which you can watch past the post break. It's impressive to see that the only tools he used throughout the entire project were a Sharpie marker, a sheet of paper, and several demonic runes blessed by shadow priests of the underworld.

[Via Infendo]

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