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The Boy Genius Report: The LG CU500v's guide to Video Sharing

Chris Ziegler

Field report tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, the Boy Genius.

Always wondered just how AT&T's one-way Video Share system was going to work? Us too, so we were more than happy to get a gander at the quick start user guide for the upcoming LG CU500v, a phone that's destined to be among the very first to support the feature. It sounds like setting it up will be a breeze (as long as both caller and callee have Video Share handsets and are in a 3G coverage area): just wait for "Video Share Ready" to appear on the display and press the camera button. Strangely, disconnecting the video feed is a more complicated operation, requiring no fewer than three button presses to accomplish. After the share is finished, the sender can save the feed to memory -- sorry receivers, you're left out of the fun here. Click on for a closeup of the instructions!

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