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The Time Warner Staten Island Project = loads of HD

Matt Burns

Quick quiz hot shot - What do you get if you take away analog stations? Headroom for a lot of HD stations of course. A 100% digital delivery system is the most efficient way for a cable provider to supply HD stations and that's just what the Staten Island Project is all about - kind of like what Comcast is doing in Chicago. TWC is stating that if they totally shutoff their analog stream, they can provide up to 100 high-def stations. This little experiment does require every analog subscriber to switch over to digital but TWC says only a "distinct minority" will be affected. Really? Only a small amount? Come to think of it, most or our readers probably have a digital box - or two - in their house, but what about the TV in the kitchen? Or in the garage? Do they have a box on 'em too? Also, how much is it goin' to cost subscribers to equip each TV with a digital box? We're thinking just a bit more then a "distinct minority" will be affected, but for a 100 HD stations, we might consider the payoff instead of the inconvenience.

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