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Today in Joystiq: April 23, 2007

Ross Miller

Over at NibCrom Central, Nil's sister Kari found this bit a Nintendo Wii remote street art on a cross walk in Darien, Illinois. Two questions arise: what is the supposed attachment (never drawn, as shown in the site's gallery) and where is player one's Wii remote? Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq at the Pokemon launch party in NYC

PSP price drop extends to Europe on May 4th
New Wii-like phone unveiled, everyone ducks
Gradius III, Battle Lode Runner, Wonder Boy fight it out on the Virtual Console
Iowa senator tells colleagues to stop playing games
Super-cheap Ubisoft classics do well in England
NY Times on PC game biz rebound
Eets: Chowdown and Pinball FX to XBLA this Wednesday
Miyamoto nominated for Time 100
New games this week: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl edition
Sega pulls a Tony Stark, intuits their comic titles being rad
Game Head goes to 42 Entertainment, pesters about Halo 3
Freeware downloads site GameHippo sold
In before the ninja: Leaked Halo 3 Beta footage of the new Zanzibar
Shed a tear for Jaffe's Heartland
Min-E3 exhibitor list shows signs of shrinkage
Commodore Gaming releases high-end PCs
Final Fantasy XIII series to last ten years
Square Enix hesitant to bring titles to Japan Virtual Console
Star Wars Galaxies: vacant houses to be crushed by empire
Game Informer defends GTA IV 'exclusive' coverage

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Mass Effect 'delayed', due in September
ESRB lists Eternal Sonata on Xbox 360 ... and PlayStation 3
Rumor: Are these the next Guitar Hero DLC packs?

Culture & Community
Roll your own Xbox 360 HDD, save $100
The $1 GameCube and other yard sale steals
360's Guitar Hero II axe working in OS X, Frets on Fire
Five-minute Mario a world record? Yes and no

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