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Transcend joins the party, intros 32GB SSD drive

Darren Murph

Shortly after releasing a 16GB SSD for ExpressCard slots, Transcend is joining SanDisk and TDK (among others) in the cost-effective 32GB arena. The company's 32GB 2.5-inch IDE solid state disc sports a "tough outer metal case," anti-shock features, "no moving parts," and the lower power consumption we've come to expect from these guys. The drive clocks in at just 7.4-millimeters thick and even touts built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality that purportedly "ensures highly reliable data transfer and increases your systems energy efficiency." Unfortunately, the firm hasn't divulged details just yet around pricing, but we do know that an 8GB (TS8GSSD25) and 16GB (TS16GSSD25) flavor will be sitting alongside the 32GB TS32GSSD25 right about now.

[Via PCLaunches]

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