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Beautiful Katamari website opens, screenshots inside


Namco of Japan has just opened the official Beautiful Katamari Damacy website. Unfortunately for English-speaking monoglots, it's filled with incomprehensible squiggly characters. There are still pictures to look at, though, and even a few screenshots of the game tucked behind the links (more in the gallery below).

Beautiful Katamari looks just like previous Katamari games with improved graphics and a few extras here and there. Both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game have been announced (without a release date) and a Wii incarnation is rumored to be in the works -- Jun Moriwaki, director of Beautiful Katamari told 1UP that "the Wii is also one of our platform choices .... However, the controller for Wii is quite unique so being able to overcome the different issues will be the key."

Gallery: Beautiful Katamari screenshots | 26 Photos

[Update: added additional commentary on rumored Wii release.]

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