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Engadget HD Podcast 045 - 04.24.2007

Trent Wolbe
A friend of the Engadget HD family comes to visit and in his honor we have the first ever Engadget HD Podcast recorded in the same room and while we didn't have the challenges that come with geographic diversity to overcome, we did have others like echo from two mics. We didn't let that stop us making a great show for you as we cover alot of HD news this week including: Apple TV, OLED, Dual Must Carry, CableCARD and of course the format war.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh
Guest: Shane Sturgeon

Producer: Trent Wolbe

03:26 - Apple TV and HD quality: It's not the hardware
06:38 - Apple patents a modular media center solution
08:09 - Sony: 1,000,000:1 OLED TV on sale in 2007
09:23 - 30-inch OLED TV from Toshiba in 2009
10:31 - 28-percent of Americans now own an HDTV
12:46 - Would dual must carry be good or bad for HDTV?
16:51 - Motorola ships CableCARD STBs
19:57 - Toshiba begins shipping HD-A20 HD DVD player
24:28 - Toshiba updates second-gen HD DVD players firmware to 1.5
27:40 - Samsung says Duo HD BD-UP5000 dual-format Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo player on the way
30:52 - AACS hacks causing BD+ development to be accelerated
33:44 - Finally some hard numbers in the format war
39:55 - HD DVD is back on top according to Amazon


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