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Finally, Wii at Gamestop and EB this Sunday


Looks like Gamestop can stop complaining about the Wii shortage -- this week. We received an internal Gamestop email (pictured at right) from one of our more reliable tipsters. The memo states that participating stores will receive 200 copies of Gamestop's sales flyers by today, which they must hold on to until Friday. The stores that received these flyers will receive "additional product featured in this ad." The stores are to hold all Wii hardware they receive this week for Sunday, along with the Xbox 360 Elite and PS2 (that puppy is still hot).

This memo we received comes from the mid-East Coast. If you have a decent relationship with your Gamestop proprietor than you may be able to politely ask if they'll be a part of this little thing. Our source tells us that his store already has about 20 Wii, along with ten Xbox Elites (including black 120 GB hard drives, controllers and charge kits). So it looks like the first indicator your local shop is part of this sale is to check Friday and see if they've put out the flyers -- then get there early Sunday if you're still in need of Wii (or really want an Elite).

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