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Joystiq's video analysis of the Halo 3 Beta leak

Jared Rea

If Halo fans took even half the amount effort they put into dissecting video of Master Chief and turned it on famous historical footage, that whole landing on the Moon nonsense would be so debunked by now. Naturally, yesterdays leak of Halo 3 Beta footage was filled with surprises, so we watched it about ten times over, frame-by-frame to make sure we got all the juicy stuff so that you wouldn't have to.

To save the strong from spoilers, this post won't contain said juicy stuff but what was left on the cutting room floor. We left the hardcore map analysis of Last Resort (the new name of Zanzibar) out as the most significant changes are obvious to anyone who has run through Zanzibar a few times. The Mongoose ATV scenes also got axed for as exciting as it is to see it sliding along the beach, it didn't do anything unexpected. We're still wondering what's up with the lack of Elite's in multiplayer, but we've still got a few months to go.

If text is more your style, our snuggle-time pals at 360 Fanboy put together their own analysis, even if they did pass over the Brute Shot sighting. Burn!

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