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Pelican's PS3 Air Flo Cooler invites jokes about blowing

We're not sure we're buying the snake oil that companies like Pelican and Nyko are selling next-gen gamers -- namely, cumbersome bolt-on cooling units that may cause more harm than good. While Xbox 360 owners have been gobbling up the Nyko Intercooler, PS3 owners have been forced to deal with a system whose only cooling options are the ones put there by the console's engineering and design team.

But no longer! IGN has reviewed Pelican's Air Flo Cooler, a unit that promises to lower the temperature of your already cool PS3 by 15° without causing a ruckus. How does it do it? Why, with "Auto Thermo Sensing Technology," of course. We imagine when this space age technology was first developed by NASA, they had no idea it would end up in a cheesy $30 video game peripheral. Incredible!

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