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What's so interesting about player-controlled housing to you?


Much like many of you, I've been playing WoW since the start. In the two-plus years that have passed, my bank has become a bit cluttered with mementos; tabards, pets, and in the case of my rogue, the entire set of Dungeon Set 2 (or Tier .5) armor. At the time the set was completed it was a real achievement to me and to my small guild. Despite the fact that my rogue also happens to be an enchanter, and I could seriously use the Large Brilliant Shards and Nexus Crystals, I just can't bring myself to shard the set. Never mind that I know I'll only ever wear it again for looks, if that. (Did I mention the collection of festival dresses I have?)

Why? Call me sentimental, but a lot of those items represent gaming milestones to me. Keeping them has meant that I've had to spend free time farming the mats for the 18-slot-bags. It also has made me stay on top of my inventory at all times, which is a good thing in a lot of respects. But there's a reason for the madness. It's something I dream of, and I hope that the Blizzard Devs will consider if (or when) they implement housing...

What my little roguey heart goes pit-a-pat for is housing with the ability to display things like suits of armor, trinkets, tabards, pets, and other things that have sentimental value to the player in question. It would be especially cool if you could add a small note to the item - like a small placard in a gallery - so that whoever hovered over it saw your personal commentary. I realize that were you to do it for a full guild, you would likely have to put in some control that made those items only available to the player in question to avoid account hacking problems. Additionally, for a large guild you would have to script in some method whereby the game would randomly rotate gear/tabards/etc. That said, a personal house would most likely be best in the interest of keeping the design fairly simple in comparison.

So, for those of you who are dreaming of Guild or Player housing, what precisely is it that you want to see player-controlled housing do? Is it just so you can have a place for you to rest and call your own? Or are you, like me, seeking a place to show your personal trophies to the rest of Azeroth as opposed to leaving them to gather dust in the bank?

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